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Are Cats Domesticated?

Domestic cats aren't big enough to do much damage to humans, and therefore it isn't as important in living among humans that cats be tame. Their jaws are for killing birds and mice. They don't take down big prey like larger felidae do. Cats already came with the ability to have social bonds, so there really wasn't much need to “tame” or “domesticate” them. They were already good to go as wild cats that hung around and bonded with farming humans, while they protected grains from rodents.

Here are some answers, quite a few misguided:

Domestication and Brain Size / Intelligence

Here is a question I asked: Wikipedia states that domestic cats have reduced brain mass and intelligence, however, the references that are in the cited article, makes no mention of cats. Are some domestic cats just as intelligent as its ancestors or other felidae?

The scientific article cited in Wikipedia, supports its statement with two references, both of which have nothing to do with cats. So actually, it’s the scientific article that is incorrect (Journal of Anthropological Research), not directly Wikipedia, in this case.


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