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Short Hair Wild / Hybrid Cat Breeds

My impression is that wild breeds have more motivation/ambition. Because they are less “domesticated” they can be a handful and require more attention than most people can give. You would have to think of it as having a life commitment to a significant other. I happen to like cats with strong character, since I'm not domesticated either.

Breeds I find interesting:

Caracal, Ocelot, Serval, Savannah, Ussuri, Mokave Jag Cat, Bengal, Chausie, Safari Cat, Abyssinian, Burmese, Egyptian Mau

Breed Lineage: 
Felid Hybrids

This is an example of domestic that has strong character:
“Initially spayed for a Brooklyn bodega, little Miss Greta Derby somehow turned up 5 months later following people up and down a block in Manhattan! Young and playful, this resilient little gal is an outgoing and fearless companion.”
Greta Derby


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