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Resources to Bypass Paywalls


Sci-Hub for scholarly articles

Open Access Button for scholarly articles

LibGen (Library Genesis) for books for news websites
“503 Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at capacity”

Web Browser Extensions



Libraries have access to many journals. Sometimes they even give you the online login information.

For example, search for “consumer reports library login”

Towards an Open Society


, 2021/02/24 23:34
Free flow of scientific information and free access to news and analysis from reputable sources has become more important. Fake news and conspiracy theories are free. Worse- websites like Facebook and Youtube amplify and push these sites.For democracy to work, access to the truth is imperative! Not everyone can afford the even small memberships. Furthermore, many libraries are cutting back their subscriptions, especially scientific journals. Local libraries are cutting back newspaper subscriptions. Many are fearful of visiting the library (due to Covid-19), if your local library is even open.
, 2021/03/03 17:01
Thanks Malika!
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