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Environmental Factors on Male Fertility


Possible Solutions

Maybe pants would also be important. (Credit Liz)

Isn't electrostatic charge only a problem in low humidity? So maybe in humid climates, men wouldn't be affected by synthetic underwear?

Book: Planning a Baby? How to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and give your baby the best possible start. Brewer 2004

“ Most synthetic fabrics do not create electrostatic charges. In fact, a lot of natural fibers, especially animal-sourced fibers, as mentionned in previous answers, are much better at creating electrostatic charges.

However, synthetic fibers are better at retaining these electrostatic charges because they have a very low conductivity and low hygroscopy, so these charges will not dissipate (or more precisely spread) in the fabric and their effect will be more noticeable.

Most natural fibers, although they also have an inherent low conductivity, have a much higher hygroscopy than synthetic fibers, i.e. they will absorb humidity from the surrounding air. The water molecules in the fiber will increase their conductivity and, if electrostatic charges are created on the surface of the fiber they will spread both inside the fiber and on its surface, and eventually in the rest of the fabric. Because the electrostatic charges spread inside and across the fabric, the density of electrostatic charges at the surface gets lower, in fact so much lower than its effects quickly become imperceptible.

Eventually, for both fabrics, the charges will spread in the surrounding air, which also contains humidity, but this is true for both natural and synthetic fibers. ” Vincent Fregeac on Quora

“ Homemade Fabric Softener

Utilizing vinegar is an effective way to soften your fabric and reduce static charge in the laundry as well. Make use of vinegar while washing clothes. Add it at the time of rinse cycle. The strong smell of vinegar will vanish automatically once the clothes dry.

Another way to try the same tactic is – spray some vinegar on a piece of washcloth and put it in in the dryer along with the other garments. This will cut down the chances of static electricity. The vinegar smell will diffuse away after the clothes get dry. Baking soda can also be used as a fabric softener (3).

Soap Nuts

Put some soap nut berries in a muslin cloth and toss them in the washing machine along with the other clothes. They are packed with saponins that are a natural surfactant (4).

In addition, when soap nuts are washed along with all other clothes all the static charge gets absorbed and clothes become charge free due to the anti-static properties. ” 2018

Electromagnetic Radiation



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