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Ultralight Travel with no Checked-In Luggage. For alcohol stove users, the single restriction that stands out most is that you can't take along your favorite knife. A substitute can be a key-knife or you can try your luck with a folding surgical or xacto blade.

What You Can and Can't Take With You in Carry-On Luggage

What You Cannot Take With You on an Airplane

The following items cannot be taken with you in your carry-on bags, and must be checked in. According to answers on Quora, you can't just check a small item in with the airline without a big box that will travel as a checked in luggage. A big box will ensure that the item is not lost along the way, as it makes its way along the conveyor belts with the rest of passenger luggage.


A knife is allowed only in checked-in baggage. If you have a surgical blade or xacto blade folding knife, you can surrender the blade at security check without surrendering the rest of your knife.

C02 Cartridges


Archery or Slingshots

Drills, Drill Bits, and Screwdriver Bits
What about EDC manual drills under 7 inches? I don't know.
Even screwdriver bits can be confiscated because they can be viewed as drill bits. Although some multi-tools with bits are supposedly “TSA approved”. Maybe smaller 4mm bits are not considered drill bits? I contacted TSA, but they didn't answer the question.

What You Can Take With You with Conditions

Camp Stove

Allowed but must not smell of fuel or even have any residue.

My alcohol stove doesn't even look like a stove, and if you separate the different parts you will probably be ok. Though the following article states otherwise.


Lithium Ion Batteries


Scissors with blades under 4 inches long are ok.

Hypodermic Needles

Must be accompanied with medication, preferably labelled.


Matches are allowed as long as they are not “strike anywhere” matches, whatever that means. Apparently the allowed matches come in a book.

Car Parts

As long as it doesn't smell like fuel, car parts are allowed. I wonder what you could bring along that would pass as a car part?

What You Can Take With You on an Airplane


Lighters, except for torch lighters, are allowed as carry on for some reason:
There were smokers with power able to change policy and bring a dangerous article on board. Policy is more about politics than safety.

Disposable Razors

Disposable razors are fine, but not straight razors or blades.


Knitting and Sewing Needles

Fishing Gear

A telescoping fishing pole can be taken with carry on luggage, and you can take some small hooks as well.

Harry Potter Wand


What Will Likely Not Be Confiscated

Nail Clippers with Metal File

Nail clippers with a metal file are not allowed, but they will not see the file in the x ray machine, and will likely not care to check for the file.

Knife in the Shape of a Key

Image search on Google. There are also some multi-tools shaped as keys that have a knife.

Wire Saw

Alcohol Fuel

Pro tip: Ethanol is not denatured in countries whose population is not micromanaged.

You can probably take along 95% ethanol fuel if you spread it into a couple 100ml bottles, despite that the regulation is that only up to 70% alcohol is allowed (in unopened retail packaging).
Due to efficient use and supplementing with firewood, I rarely need more than 200ml. Any and all bottles you take must fit inside a single one liter bag.

Destination Dependent Articles


Any food is allowed on the plane, but your destination city may not allow certain foods through customs. Anything manufacturer sealed in packaging with a label is likely ok.

Dietary Supplements and Medical Capsules

These are fine for TSA, but if in large quantity check with customs in destination country.

Storage at the Airports

If you are traveling with luggage for activities in addition to off-the-grid backpacking, you can put extra stuff in storage at many airports:

Traveling with Your Cat/Dog


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