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Diverting Military Spending to Humanitarian Efforts

If an increasing amount of money being spent on military, was channeled into humanitarian efforts, then hopefully a military would eventually not be needed.

The point is to make friends not enemies. Instead of dropping bombs, you could send aid to those suffering from war.

History has proven that the effort to be a world police is counterproductive. Most attacks are internal revolutions, without plans for world domination.

In situations where a military is attacking a population without adequate defense, the focus of aid should be in providing shelter or escape to those being attacked, making an effort not to engage the attackers. Even if the situation looks unjust, we cannot make the world a better place by using punishment. We only end up having more enemies. You can also provide medical help to the wounded aggressors.

The motivation for war will always have a root in competition for natural resources. Humanitarian efforts can promote cooperation instead of competition.

An example of exceptional international relations policy is Cuba. They have an education system that provides them an excess of medical doctors, and they are deployed to regions in need.

However, the spirit of cooperation that was more prevalent in hunter-gatherer tribes of the paleolithic era may have little existence today. With civilization and cities, there was degradation of cooperation. Genetic disposition to psychopathy/antisocial personality disorders, borderline and narcissistic personality disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, and alexithymia became favorable attributes for prosperity as individuals with these traits could be clandestine amongst crowds of cooperative and trusting individuals.

Rape, and women's disposition to choose prosperity or attributes other than morality in their mates facilitates the transition to corruption. People capable of independent thinking and a cooperative empathic nature are bred out of the population. Humanity may have evolved towards a degraded capacity for cooperative society. Is there enough will to improve?

Sometimes, aggression is not from civil war. It is sad that a domesticated population allows megalomaniacs to gain power. Their thirst for power can only be stopped through war if there isn't enough independent-minded individuals to bring them down from within.


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