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“ If depressive realism proves to be true, it begs the question: Is cognitive therapy really helping patients see reality more accurately? Or is it just offering patients a set of rose-colored glasses? ”

The more you understand reality, the harder it is to live. Especially after suffering emotional trauma. Seeking truth and trying to find a solution will only set you in a circle of continued trauma. There is no solution. You have to accept that life isn't all you hoped.

Mental health will require from you a measure of fantasy. But any logical person will see through mental health therapy techniques.

If you stop consciously analyzing, your brain is an idiot and will create fantasy on its own. That will come about neither from seeking truth, or from therapy with rose-colored glasses. Fantasy can begin by getting busy with anything else.

It's better to “keep calm and carry on”. Don't overthinking it. Instead, work towards goals as escapism.

There are happiness classes online. They can help. The focus of the classes isn't on seeing your trauma in a better light, but instead finding that to be thankful about and engaging positively with others. Even if you know 99.9% of others have little to offer, something is better than nothing.

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