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The order of the sections is mostly in the order of discovery while I researched

My Shopping for a Vehicle in Peru

Save to buy a crossover, hatchback or van. A van would be vehicle of choice if I'm going to build a house, good for car camping, etc. Or sports car and cargo trailer.

Porsche cayenne with manual transmission 4900 lb. bmw i3.

Any car, any car whatsoever, as I can add ground clearance and tires with soft sidewall. Independent suspension doesn't matter. FWD, RWD, AWD doesn't matter. Actually, suspension and transmission do matter to me, but money is more important?

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What matters

What doesn't matter

Specifications V1


Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

Curb weight be damned, a 2006 Porsche Cayenne V6 may be the best deal. Only the rich in Peru can afford them and their bad gas mileage, and the rich want to sell an older car and get a new one. (link requires USA VPN) has ads starting at 7K, but with 200K km odometer readings. I think I may able to get the same prices in Peru?

It's not like I would drive it daily, so I could afford to pay more for gasoline on occasion? I can also modify the engine to run on compressed natural gas to reduce fuel cost. See section below on CNG.

Porsche has parts available in Lima:

I have this idea that Porsche would make its cars from superior materials. For example, the suspension would have less inertial mass to provide superior ground traction. Better performance engineering. Toyota, by contrast, may be more focused on longevity. However, this idea is not a solid conclusion. Would I be getting aluminum or titanium suspension arms instead of heavier cast iron?

Porsche related articles

The articles are not really conclusive, so I ask this question on Quora: Are Porsche suspensions made from lighter materials like titanium, carbon fiber, magnesium, etc., than other less expensive cars?

fcpeuro and have images of Porsche Cayenne suspensions, but don't mention materials. does say the body and suspension are overbuilt.

“On the rear axle of the Cayenne and Cayenne S, Porsche is continuing to fit a multi-link suspension with lightweight steel links and steel springs as standard.”

Whatever Car For Around 5K USD

Whatever Car For Around 5K USD

Whatever Car For Around 5K USD

So I doubt I'll get the Aptera. I'll shop around for whatever is used. Eventually I will want an electric vehicle, but there isn't anything used in Peru. There's like 3000 electric vehicles in all of Peru. There are absolutely no charging stations. I'll get an old gasoline car and save on depreciation, even though used cars are much more expensive here than in USA.

I'm no longer sure if ability to tow is a requirement for me. I reorganized the specifications to reflect this. I can appropriate what I need for house building when the time comes. Though I really dislike FWD, so I think I will veer away from it regardless.

My ideal seems to be RWD, as it is less complex than AWD. Though I wouldn't be disappointed with AWD because of the coolness factor and the added grip on gravel roads.

The ideal car seems to be like the Hyundai Veloster:

Hyundai Veloster

  • Little body overhang over the wheels
  • Small suicide rear door(s)
  • Moon roof
  • Enough height to have some internal volume, but not too much so it looses a lot of its aerodynamics
  • Hatchback (hot hatch)

What's lacking with the Veloster is RWD/AWD. The Veloster is FWD.

The Veloster is like an extended version of the 1988-1991 Honda CRX, which is also FWD.

CRX Side View
CRX Front View
CRX Rear View

Also, the Veloster doesn't have suicide doors

The Toyota Yaris has an AWD option, but it's too small.

Dimensional comparison between Veloster and Yaris

The Nissan Juke is excellent:

Nissan Juke

Only the concept car that led to the Juke had suicide doors:

Nissan Juke Suicide Rear Doors

Nissan Juke Concept Car

The Juke got bigger with newer model years. I think there's a 2011-2014, a 2015-2018, and a 2019 (see review). The 2019 was significantly bigger though 50 lbs lighter (see Wikipedia).

Unfortunately, the Juke with AWD is only available with a CVT automatic transmission. See also. I think this is also true for the Fiat 500x.

The Mazda MX-30 has suicide doors, but it's an electric vehicle with poor range, and started selling in 2020.

The Mazda 3 with a 2.0 liter engine gets 30/40 mpg. 40mpg highway is among the best according to



+ CNG Compressed Natural Gas |

CNG Compressed Natural Gas

Lower Fuel Cost

In Peru you can get liquified gas at gas stations. The cost per mile for liquified gas is less. You can convert the engine to run on either gas or gasoline with the flip of a switch while driving.

“A diferencia de la gasolina, hay un ahorro significativo. Por ejemplo, por cada 100 kilómetros que se recorre con un auto que emplea gasohol de 95, un ciudadano debe gastar un aproximado de S/ 64; mientras que con gasohol de 90, S/ 57,08 y con diésel, S/ 44,90. En el caso de GLP, le demanda al usuario desembolsar S/ 33,26.”

So it's about half the cost per mile to use natural gas instead of gasoline.


Gasoline engines modified to use CNG are not ideal CNG engines. CNG is not injected into the cylinders. On carbureted engines and engines modified to run on CNG, the natural gas will use up more volume than a liquid like gasoline, and the amount of oxygen reaching the cylinder is less.

Because better mixing takes place between air and natural gas, there is a more complete combustion. This is one reason a CNG engine runs hotter. Also, the evaporation of gasoline has a cooling effect. There are other factors for hotter temperatures using CNG:

Due to the higher heating value and higher density, combustion of CNG produces a comparatively large amount of heat than the gasoline combustion. Thus, operating CNG as an alternative fuel for gasoline engines causes engine overheating problems. This could affect the engine components, shortens the lifespan of the engine components and also cause pre-ignition in the combustion chamber. Engine cooling system is most essential for both industrial and automotive engines to reduce fuel consumption, minimizing exhaust and fuel emission, to reduce the thermal load on the engine to protect the engine components. Thus, synthetic coolants were used in the present work to study their influence on controlling the temperature. From the results and discussion, it is obvious that synthetic coolants help to bring down the temperature compare to pure water cooling. However, the 20% blend of ethylene glycol with water has slightly better and smoother temperature curves when the engine is operated at higher RPMs for longer durations. Thereby, it is suggested to use synthetic coolants for dual-fuel engines as it can help to control the temperature and can prevent the engine overheating. Thermal analysis of natural gas as an alternative fuel for gasoline engine, Ravichandra et al 2020

So the engine will run hot unless using a synthetic coolant. But no one uses water! Cars always have synthetic coolant! I guess that study is valuable because some synthetic coolants are better than others. +

Carfolio !

Vehicles List V1

Complicating this list is that different model years and different countries have different options, with newer models less frequently having manual transmissions. For USA models there is used car search. I can also check vehicle specs at

Hatchbacks with at least RWD (or AWD), manual transmission:

SUVs with AWD, manual transmission:

Minivans with RWD, manual transmission:

SUVs with AWD, but only with automatic transmission:

FWD, manual transmission:

Specifications V2

Specifications V2

Specifications V2

Specifications V1 still apply, but I'll try a different angle, that's easier to remember.

  • RWD or AWD
  • Manual transmission
  • Hatchback

A Datsun 280Z or Nissan 350Z would be perfect except I need more seats and cargo.

350Z and 370Z image gallery

Toyota MR2 image gallery

I guess what I really want is a sports car with small rear seats and some cargo space. The 350Z and MR2 don't have rear seats and have tiny cargo space.

Vehicles List V2

Instead of money being first priority, let me choose my favorites, with high aerodynamics, low weight, cramped rear seats, and 2 suitcases of cargo space.

The goal is 3 passengers, 2 large suitcases, 2 small suitcases. I measured a large suitcase, and it's 4.7 cubic feet. Having a free rear seat would allow 2 large suitcases standing behind the passenger seat if it is slid forward. That leaves the hatch/trunk/frunk for the smaller suitcases.


2000s hotcars:

2010-2022 quora:


FWD only:

What's Available in Peru

Market Research

Walking About and Looking at Classifieds

I saw the following interesting vehicles on the streets (click to expand)

Regarding the following lists:

All brick7 site ads are archived with no contact information. Sites,,, and point to ads on other sites. I don't know if some of the lower prices are real. Many of the “available” are really old ads.

  • Vehicles with manual and RWD/AWD:

1983 alfa romeo gtv
1981 toyota celica 5K soles mercadolibre 2022-03
1980 ford mustang 2K USD evisos 2022-05
2006 toyota rav4 2.5K USD tixuz 2022-10
1996 subaru impreza 2.5K USD doplim 2022-08
1998 mitsubishi asx 2.8K USD autopia 2022-04
1998 ford fiesta 13K soles mercadolibre 2022-04
2004 porsche cayenne (automatic) 3.5K USD evisos 2022-11
2004 audi tt 4K USD evisos 2022-05
2001 nissan x-trail 4K USD autopia 2022-06
2001 subaru impreza ej20 17K soles facebook
1995 subaru impreza 4.8K USD evisos 2022-07
2014 subaru impreza 5.4K USD cuidad anuncios 2022-01
2008 nissan tiida fwd? awd? 5.5K USD autopia 2022-09
2006 daihatsu terios 6K USD autopia 2021-11
1997 kia sportage 6.5K USD mercadolibre 2022-10
2009 suzuki swift 6.5K USD carros
2002 nissan x-trail 25.5K soles facebook
2001 audi a3 7.2K autopia 2021-10
2010 ssangyong actyon 7.8K USD neoauto
2013 suzuki swift 7.8K USD carros
201?? subaru impreza 36K soles facebook
2020 renault kwid 9.2K USD wikipedia tixuz
2011 subaru xv 46K soles facebook
2015 chevy tracker 12.8K USD facebook
2016 mazda zx5 awd 19.5K soles facebook
2012 bmw 130i 15K USD facebook


  • Minivans with manual and RWD/AWD:

1987 volkswagon minivan 4.5K USD roodos
2011 hafei minyi minivan 18.5K soles mercadolibre
2012 suzuki apv 25.5K soles facebook tel:918706918
2015 lifan foison minivan 6.3K USD neoauto
2017 chevy n200 minivan 6.2K USD neoauto

  • Vehicles unsure if RWD/AWD:

2010 toyota rav4 13.9K soles mercadolibre
2017 hyundai creta 56.9K soles facebook

  • Vehicles without RWD/AWD:



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