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The order of the sections is mostly in the order of discovery while I researched

My Shopping for a Vehicle in Peru

Save to buy a crossover, hatchback or van. A van would be vehicle of choice if I'm going to build a house, good for car camping, etc. Or sports car and cargo trailer?

Porsche cayenne with manual transmission is really heavy at 4900 lb. BMW i3?

Below links to find the lightest vehicles:

Related sites:

Foreigners guide to buying a car in Peru, 2020

Buying a Vehicle in Peru, 2014

Fuel Efficiency

Improving Automobile Fuel Economy: New Standards, New Approaches, 1991 (PDF)

Aerodynamics, weight, and engine efficiency are elements of gas mileage. The McLaren F1 with a 6 liter V12 engine, painstakingly made to be as light as possible, weighs 2500lbs. Aptera weighs 1800lbs. Lotus Elise weighs 1600lbs.

160 miles, at 20mpg is $50 worst case scenario (distance to Trujillo). I don't live in Venezuela with 6 cents a gallon. For the same reason I should upgrade the solar water heater, to spend $50 less per month on electricity.

Smaller vehicles with tiny engines have better gas mileage, but I don't want something super tiny, because:

  • i want a cool looking vehicle
  • harsher suspension
  • no tow capacity

I'd prefer to have an electric vehicle, and set up a solar array to charge the car. But there are no electric charging stations in Peru.

Ability to Transport People and Materials

While keeping aerodynamics for fuel efficiency.

I don't necessarily want to get in the business of transporting all the locals. Very few people if at all.

Perhaps a cargo trailer is key for the occasional need for a lot of cargo. I don't always need huge extra space.

Ground Clearance

Vehicles with a lot of body overhang in front or behind the tires look disgusting and have a tough time going over any obstacle.

If I avoid body overhang, I don't need much ground clearance. I can add a little ground clearance with larger tires or a small lift kit. I won't be going off-road. The need for clearance on even poor gravel roads isn't that much.

“Most sedan vehicles generally have an average ground clearance between 4-6 inches whereas SUVs average between 6-8 inches.” Off-road for sport vehicles need 8-10 inches.

Update: After having to do some river crossings during rainy season, maybe some extra ground clearance would be nice.

El Niño rainy season came and there were many water crossings required, and gravel roads became a nightmare. Although extreme El Niños occur once every 10 years, and non-extreme every 2 to 7 years, I think extreme weather will be the norm as the climate worsens.

A paved road is supposed to be built between Niepos and Oyotun, but no plans for a gravel road to Udima yet. Also with government corruption and instability, construction of the paved road has a lot of uncertainty.

Specifications V1


  • Something I love
  • At least 3 seats
  • Minimum 2 suitcase cargo space

Good Qualities:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Weight less than 3300 lb
  • Aerodynamic drag coefficient < 0.4
  • RWD or AWD so I can go uphill with a trailer on gravel roads
  • Enough horsepower to tow a trailer
  • Engine and transmission simplicity
  • Manual transmission
  • Hatchback
  • Independent rear suspension
  • Ground Clearance


I think a sideways rear seat or middle seat can be fashioned for the Aptera. With the solar panels, the fuel efficiency would be the best. I would likely never have to charge it, as even on long trips I prefer to stay a while at every stop. There will be tow capacity. International delivery in 2023/2024.

Towing Capacity

For shopping travel to nearby cities, I can use a trailer for large items. Aptera FAQ says: “We hope to make a tow package available at some point in the future. We envision Aptera could tow a small lightweight trailer for camping, maybe even adding some extra solar capability.”

A trailer and cargo should not weigh more than the Aptera: “The tow vehicle should weigh close to as much as the trailer and horses combined.”

The Aptera weighs 1800 lbs. A flatbed utility trailer weighs 700 lbs, and a small enclosed trailer weighs 1000 lbs. They can carry 1000 lbs. The following video goes on and on to come to the same towing capacity conclusion of about 2000 lb:

Weight in front of the trailer axle adds to traction on the rear wheel of the Aptera.

A flatbed trailer offers less security than an enclosed trailer but is less prone to sidewinds and more versatile and cheaper. Cargo nets and tarps for rain.

Even if an enclosed trailer would weigh more and be less efficient, my application may be to leave contents in the trailer at a cochera while I stay in the hotel. Alternatively, with a flatbed trailer I can save big item purchases for the last day, and drive directly from the store to my house like a normal person.

Adding a Seat?

The downside to the Aptera is that they made a hump along the floorboard dividing the seats. Supposedly for structural reasons, but I suspect they could have worked around that, and the real reason is to keep the Aptera from having 3 comfortable seats in the front.

They could have made the steering wheel be in the middle, which would have also simplified manufacturing left and right hand drive cars (like for England). The McLaren F1 has this. Alternatively, they could have done as with the Matra Murena and added a middle seat that can fold down to be an armrest:

Matra Murena Seating

Looking at the following video, the seats aren't that wide and the space between the seats isn't either. Removing the center console and adding a cushion seat and a pillow backrest would allow three non-fat adults to sit, but in a cramped manner like the back seat of a compact car. Doable but not for more than an hour without a break.

Video: Aptera seat movement, cargo space, airbags

Seat to Ridge Height

I think it wouldn't be impossible for someone to fit in the middle:

Aptera passengers

Lack of Internal Space

There really is no space behind the seat unless you slide the seat forward:

Aptera seats

Instead of having a perfectly flat cargo floor, could they have a ridge along the center for the wheel/suspension. Too much wasted space?

Aptera rear suspension

Aptera chassis

Aptera chassis


I think they would capture more buyers if they made the aptera body a little wider and longer, without increasing the width between the front wheels.

Aptera top view

Although that may affect the turning radius, unless they decrease the length of the front wheel airfoils.

Instead of external wheels, they could design integral wheel wells with flexible outer body panels for turning. The front wheels are internal, but with a continuous aerodynamic shell for the body. Like this but not so dull looking:

Enclosed Front Fenders

Exploring More Options

So I doubt I'll get the Aptera. I'll shop around for whatever is used. Eventually I will want an electric vehicle, but there isn't anything used in Peru. As of 2021 there's like 3000 electric vehicles in all of Peru. There are absolutely no charging stations. I'll get an old gasoline car and save on depreciation, even though used cars are much more expensive here than in USA.

I'm no longer sure if ability to tow is a requirement for me. I reorganized the specifications to reflect this. I can appropriate what I need for house building when the time comes. Though I really dislike FWD, so I think I will veer away from it regardless.

My ideal seems to be RWD, as it is less complex than AWD. Though I wouldn't be disappointed with AWD because of the coolness factor and the added grip on gravel roads.

The ideal car seems to be like the Hyundai Veloster:

Hyundai Veloster

  • Little body overhang over the wheels
  • Small suicide rear door(s)
  • Moon roof
  • Enough height to have some internal volume, but not too much so it looses a lot of its aerodynamics
  • Hatchback (hot hatch)

What's lacking with the Veloster is RWD/AWD. The Veloster is FWD.

Also, the Veloster doesn't have suicide doors

The Veloster is like an extended version of the 1988-1991 Honda CRX, which is also FWD.

CRX Side View
CRX Front View
CRX Rear View

The Toyota Yaris has an AWD option, but it's too small.

Dimensional comparison between Veloster and Yaris

The Nissan Juke concept car excellent. The production car looks terrible:

Nissan Juke

Only the concept car that led to the Juke had suicide doors:

Nissan Juke Suicide Rear Doors

Nissan Juke Concept Car

The Juke got bigger with newer model years. I think there's a 2011-2014, a 2015-2018, and a 2019 (see review). The 2019 was significantly bigger though 50 lbs lighter (see Wikipedia).

Unfortunately, the Juke with AWD is only available with a CVT automatic transmission. See also. I think this is also true for the Fiat 500x.

The Mazda MX-30 has suicide doors, but it's an electric vehicle with poor range, and started selling in 2020.

The Mazda 3 with a 2.0 liter engine gets 30/40 mpg. 40mpg highway is among the best according to

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Macan is out because no manual transmission is offered.

Curb weight be damned, a 2006 Porsche Cayenne V6 may be the best deal? Only the rich in Peru can afford them and their bad gas mileage, and the rich want to sell an older car and get a new one. The main obstacle is that Porsches with manual transmissions are very rare.

Doug Demuro review of 2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS V8 naturally aspirated manual (link requires USA VPN) has ads starting at $7K for Porsche Cayenne with ~200km odometer readings. Will the prices be comparable in Peru?

It's not like I would drive it daily, so I could afford to pay more for gasoline on occasion? I can also modify the engine to run on compressed natural gas to reduce fuel cost. See section below on CNG.

Porsche has parts available in Lima:

Also a lot of Porsche parts are rebadged VW parts, which can be had for a lesser price.

I have this idea that Porsche would make its cars from superior materials. For example, the suspension would have less inertial mass to provide superior ground traction. Better performance engineering. Toyota, by contrast, may be more focused on longevity. However, this idea is not a solid conclusion. Would I be getting aluminum or titanium suspension arms instead of heavier cast iron?

Porsche related articles

The articles are not really conclusive, so I ask this question on Quora: Are Porsche suspensions made from lighter materials like titanium, carbon fiber, magnesium, etc., than other less expensive cars?

fcpeuro and have images of Porsche Cayenne suspensions, but don't mention materials. does say the body and suspension are overbuilt.

“On the rear axle of the Cayenne and Cayenne S, Porsche is continuing to fit a multi-link suspension with lightweight steel links and steel springs as standard.”


For a reciprocating internal combustion engine, my ideal for engine simplicity would have:

  • smallish 6 cylinders (L6, V6, or flat 6)
  • air cooled
  • 2 valves per cylinder
  • OHV for flat/V6, or SOHC for L6

There are overhead cam OHC and overhead valve OHV engines. Each has pros and cons. See article by

I like a 6 cylinder because it runs more smoothly than a 4 banger. I'd rather have low and mid range torque of SOHC (see video). Which engine provides the greatest area under the curve for torque vs rpm?

The video says SOHC provides higher torque at low and mid range RPM due to lower valve train mass. Is this because of using less valves per cylinder? What adds more mass with equal number of valves per cylinder: rocker arms or the additional camshaft?

Maybe adding VTECH would allow VVT and variable valve lift on the 2 valve per cylinder SOHC engine?

It's too bad the Wankel rotary engine didn't further develop and go mainstream, as I think it would be superior to any reciprocating engine. As a bonus, Wankels run great on hydrogen, which works well for going off-grid. However, the future now lays in electric vehicles.


An independent suspension has the benefit of not having a beam across the bottom of the car at the height of the center of the wheels. Case in point, solid rear axles, but can also be the case with torsion beam suspensions.

Independent Suspension

Effective Yet Inexpensive and Simple Suspensions

The lowly torsion beam suspension can be a simple and effective option for application in sports cars or passenger cars where there isn't a lot of wheel travel. Sports cars have strong roll bars which produces the same effect that a simpler torsion beam does, although with less ability to fine tune how the wheels move.

For a smoother ride over rough terrain, tire pressure can be reduced:

tire pressure

Google search will produce many results saying not to drop tire pressure below 20 PSI. Mostly, bead lock wheels are needed when dropping below 12-16 PSI to keep the tires from coming off the rims.

“A narrower rim will retain the tire bead at low pressure better than a wider rim. This better retention is because the tire bulges out more with a narrower rim. A 35×12.50R15 tire on a 15×8 rim could use a pressure as low as 10 psi on a typical trail rig without the tire coming off the wheel.”

Factors To Determine Air Pressure On The Trail,

The softness of the ride also depends on the tires ability to deform. Soft sidewalls and more flexible belt plies helps with this? Read Basic Tire Tech, Bill Ansell 2008

Radial Vs Bias Ply

Kai in Tinkerer's Adventure thinks narrower tires perform better off-road. The longer instead of wider tire contact patch of a narrower tire is able to “caterpillar track” over deformities.

Kai does an experiment on same height tires on the same rims (including same rim width), with the only difference being the tire width.

Kai shows that for a particular brand of radial tire, the contact patch is rounded and isn't even the full width of the tire until about 5 PSI. Furthermore, at the same tire pressure, the contact patch area is the same regardless of width. Which should be obvious that pressure X area should equal the weight of the vehicle.

I think a wider tire should be run at a lower pressure, so that the contact patch area is relative to the tire width. This lower pressure would allow greater tire deformation. The question is, at what low pressure does tire come off the bead? Isn't that pressure lower for a wider tire on the same width rim?

In the video comments, Sarel Harmse writes: “The tire strength and sideways movement on a thin tire is also more and de-beading is more of a problem at the same pressure than with thicker tires.”

My conclusion is that I will want to stick as much volume of tire as I can into a mostly unmodified suspension, then run a lower tire pressure for a softer ride quality.

A portable air pump can inflate tires when transitioning from rough terrain to highway.

CNG Compressed Natural Gas

Lower Fuel Cost

In Peru you can get liquified gas at gas stations. The cost per mile for liquified gas is less. You can convert the engine to run on either gas or gasoline with the flip of a switch while driving.

“A diferencia de la gasolina, hay un ahorro significativo. Por ejemplo, por cada 100 kilómetros que se recorre con un auto que emplea gasohol de 95, un ciudadano debe gastar un aproximado de S/ 64; mientras que con gasohol de 90, S/ 57,08 y con diésel, S/ 44,90. En el caso de GLP, le demanda al usuario desembolsar S/ 33,26.”

So it's about half the cost per mile to use natural gas instead of gasoline.


Gasoline engines modified to use CNG are not ideal CNG engines. CNG is not injected into the cylinders. On carbureted engines and engines modified to run on CNG, the natural gas will use up more volume than a liquid like gasoline, and the amount of oxygen reaching the cylinder is less.

Because better mixing takes place between air and natural gas, there is a more complete combustion. This is one reason a CNG engine runs hotter. Also, the evaporation of gasoline has a cooling effect. There are other factors for hotter temperatures using CNG:

Due to the higher heating value and higher density, combustion of CNG produces a comparatively large amount of heat than the gasoline combustion. Thus, operating CNG as an alternative fuel for gasoline engines causes engine overheating problems. This could affect the engine components, shortens the lifespan of the engine components and also cause pre-ignition in the combustion chamber. Engine cooling system is most essential for both industrial and automotive engines to reduce fuel consumption, minimizing exhaust and fuel emission, to reduce the thermal load on the engine to protect the engine components. Thus, synthetic coolants were used in the present work to study their influence on controlling the temperature. From the results and discussion, it is obvious that synthetic coolants help to bring down the temperature compare to pure water cooling. However, the 20% blend of ethylene glycol with water has slightly better and smoother temperature curves when the engine is operated at higher RPMs for longer durations. Thereby, it is suggested to use synthetic coolants for dual-fuel engines as it can help to control the temperature and can prevent the engine overheating. Thermal analysis of natural gas as an alternative fuel for gasoline engine, Ravichandra et al 2020

So the engine will run hot unless using a synthetic coolant. But no one uses water! Cars always have synthetic coolant! I guess that study is valuable because some synthetic coolants are better than others.

Further reading:

Comparative engine performance and emission analysis of CNG and gasoline in a retrofitted car engine, Jahirul et al 2010

Carfolio !

Carfolio section is huge so click to expand

Vehicles List V1

Complicating this list is that different model years and different countries have different options, with newer models less frequently having manual transmissions. For USA models there is used car search. I can also check vehicle specs at

Hatchbacks with at least RWD (or AWD), manual transmission:

SUVs with AWD, manual transmission:

Minivans with RWD, manual transmission:

SUVs with AWD, but only with automatic transmission:

FWD, manual transmission:

Specifications V2

Specifications V1 still apply, but I'll try a different angle, that's easier to remember.

  • RWD or AWD
  • Manual transmission
  • Hatchback

A Datsun 280Z or Nissan 350Z would be perfect except I need more seats and cargo. I guess what I really want is a sports car with small rear seats and SOME cargo space. A trailer for when more cargo is needed.

Nissan 350Z/370Z Modifications

350Z and 370Z image gallery

Rear Seats

Someone managed to put custom rear seats in a 350Z: instagram image tiktok

350Z backseat

350Z skeleton
370Z full interior tour, although 370 has shorter wheelbase.

Interior Space

The EPA interior volume states: 58.5 cubic feet for the 370Z 50.5 cubic feet for the 350Z

The 350Z is longer, taller, but less wide.

Could it be that if you strip out everything behind the seats in both cars, the 350Z has more interior volume?

Removing the strut tower cross member for added space and visibility? thatbluezguy,

Driver Field of View

Fuel Efficient ECU Mapping

The ECU can be mapped for fuel efficiency, although I haven't found anyone reporting much mpg gains, except for someone that needed an ECU reset. Most highway runs on 6th gear get 30mpg.

Vehicles List V2

Instead of money being first priority, let me choose my favorites, with high aerodynamics, low weight, cramped rear seats, and 2 suitcases of cargo space.

The goal is 3 passengers, 2 large suitcases, 2 small suitcases. I measured a large suitcase, and it's 4.7 cubic feet. Having a free rear seat would allow 2 large suitcases standing behind the passenger seat if it is slid forward. That leaves the hatch/trunk/frunk for the smaller suitcases.


2000s hotcars:

2010-2022 quora:



What's Available in Peru

Market Research

List of countries by vehicles per capita, wikipedia

Leading light-duty vehicle brands in Peru in 2021, by market share,

It's kinda funny that my choices are so limited. Searching for something around 5K USD is near impossible. Yes, used car prices are inflated here, but it's not only that.

Does no one sell their old cars??? People keep their cars rather than sell them and get something new? Have I not found a good venue for used car sales on the net? Walking around Chiclayo, I don't see much of older cars. Maybe I need to walk in different boroughs? Maybe all the used cars are in Lima?

Maybe most car sales happened in the last 15 years:

Peru auto sales by year
Source is Also see The only data I find starts at 2005, and my guess is that previous years had even lesser sales especially since the GDP per Capita by year mirrors the sales:

GDP per Capita by year

Walking About and Looking at Classifieds

I saw the following interesting vehicles on the streets (click to expand)

I saw the following in classifieds:

All brick7 site ads are archived with no contact information. Sites,,, and point to ads on other sites. I don't know if some of the lower prices are real. Many of the “available” are really old ads.

  • Vehicles with manual and RWD/AWD:

1983 alfa romeo gtv
1981 toyota celica 5K soles mercadolibre 2022-03
1980 ford mustang 2K USD evisos 2022-05
2006 toyota rav4 2.5K USD tixuz 2022-10
1996 subaru impreza 2.5K USD doplim 2022-08
1998 mitsubishi asx 2.8K USD autopia 2022-04
1998 ford fiesta 13K soles mercadolibre 2022-04
2004 porsche cayenne (automatic) 3.5K USD evisos 2022-11
2004 audi tt 4K USD evisos 2022-05
2001 nissan x-trail 4K USD autopia 2022-06
2001 subaru impreza ej20 17K soles facebook
1995 subaru impreza 4.8K USD evisos 2022-07
2014 subaru impreza 5.4K USD cuidad anuncios 2022-01
2008 nissan tiida fwd? awd? 5.5K USD autopia 2022-09
2006 daihatsu terios 6K USD autopia 2021-11
1997 kia sportage 6.5K USD mercadolibre 2022-10
2009 suzuki swift 6.5K USD carros
2002 nissan x-trail 25.5K soles facebook
2001 audi a3 7.2K autopia 2021-10
2010 ssangyong actyon 7.8K USD neoauto
2013 suzuki swift 7.8K USD carros
201? subaru impreza 36K soles facebook
2020 renault kwid 9.2K USD wikipedia tixuz
2011 subaru xv 46K soles facebook
2015 chevy tracker 12.8K USD facebook
2016 mazda zx5 awd 19.5K soles facebook
2012 bmw 130i 15K USD facebook


  • Minivans with manual and RWD/AWD:

1987 volkswagon minivan 4.5K USD roodos
2011 hafei minyi minivan 18.5K soles mercadolibre
2012 suzuki apv 25.5K soles facebook tel:918706918
2015 lifan foison minivan 6.3K USD neoauto
2017 chevy n200 minivan 6.2K USD neoauto

  • Vehicles unsure if RWD/AWD:

2010 toyota rav4 13.9K soles mercadolibre
2017 hyundai creta 56.9K soles facebook

  • Vehicles without RWD/AWD:


What's Available Shipped from China

Electric Vehicles

China’s Abandoned, Obsolete Electric Cars Are Piling Up in Cities, 202308

The range of older electric vehicles isn't stellar, which is likely why they aren't wanted, and why I too am hesitant given the lack of charging stations in Peru. Maybe I can take along solar panels for emergency use?

The batteries on these vehicles should be sold for use in solar powered homes. More modern batteries could be fit into them.

Does the surplus of electric vehicles in China show up as good bargains on Alibaba?

Xpeng G3 520i alibaba

Dongfeng EX1 Nano Box

byd yuan plus 510km alibaba

Sports Car with Ground Clearance

I want a sports car, but an SUV is more practical. An AWD Subaru SUV would be practical. A sports car with a lift kit and large diameter tires for offroad would be badass, like this 240Z rally racer (no rear seats):

240Z Rally Car

370Z rally car (no rear seats):

370Z Rally Car

I could do this to a Celica GT4 AWD (image below), if they weren't impossible to find.

Celica GT4

Porsche 944 with lift kit:

944 Rally Car

Porsche 944 rear seat legroom. Maybe just as much as the 350Z rear seat hack.

While my budget is about 14K USD, I'd rather spend much less to have money for the future, but if there's something I really like I can spend the full budget.

Subaru Impreza / Crosstrek / XV

The third generation 2008-2011 Subaru Impreza looks nicer than newer Impreza models. See motortrend images.

Subaru Impreza 2008

Subaru started making an offroad version of the Impreza in 2013, and called it the Crosstrek. Can a 2008-2011 Impreza be converted to a 2013-2017 Crosstrek/XV with suspension parts from a junkyard? Redditors use lift kits. Below a lifted 2012-2016 Subaru Impreza.

Subaru Impreza with lift kit

3rd generation lift video Stock ground clearance is 6.3 inches
4th generation lift video

Stock 2013 Subaru Crosstrek below. They mess up the clean lines with tacky fender flares below. Removing them reveals a recess in the body panels, at least on the 2020 model.

Subaru Crosstrek

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the about the only place to shop for a used car. There is more variety in Vehicles List V2, but the AWD versions are very rare so I didn't find any for the list below. Since Facebook Marketplace search is so poor, I had to look through almost a thousand ads to create the list below!

  • nr means “no response”; the seller didn't respond to my request
  • exp means ad has expired or vehicle sold
  • sra means “solid rear axle”
  • irs means “independent rear suspension”

Old Cars

1980 toyota celica (sra2) 9K soles facebook trujillo
1975 datsun sedan (irs) 9K soles facebook trujillo
1981 amc spirit amx (automatic, sra) 10K soles facebook juanjui, san martín
1982 toyota corola 10.5K soles facebook chiclayo
1983 mazda rx7 12.5K soles facebook lamas, san martin
1984 toyota celica supra 6.8K USD facebook lima

Subaru Impreza/XV

2008 subaru impreza 2.0L 27K soles facebook rioja, san martin
2008 subaru impreza 2.0L 30K soles facebook trujillo
2008 subaru impreza 2.0L racing facebook andahuaylas, apurimac

exp 2009 subaru impreza 2.0L red 25K soles facebook facebook lima exp
2008 subaru impreza 1.5L fender flares 25.5K soles facebook lima
2008 subaru impreza 1.5L (automatic) 27K soles facebook lima

2011 subaru xv 8.9K USD facebook lima
exp 2010 subaru xv 9K USD facebook lima exp
2014 subaru xv 48K soles facebookfacebook chiclayo

Sports Cars

porsche 944 project 15K soles facebook trujillo
nr 2004 audi tt 4K USD evisos nr
nr 2015 porsche 911 30K soles evisos lima nr
1983 porsche 944 9.9K USD facebook lima
nr 2006 nissan 350Z 12K USD facebook lima nr
2004 nissan 350Z 12.5K USD facebook chiclayo
1995 mitsubishi 3000 gt 15K USD facebook lima


nr 2019 volvo xc90 7K USD evisos piura nr
2008 ssang actyon 30K soles facebook chiclayo
2006 bmw x3 150km 9K USD facebook trujillo
2012 mazda cx5 48K soles facebook trujillo
porsche cayenne s (automatic) 13.5K USD facebook lima

BMW 1 Series

2013 bmw 130i 56km 13K USD facebook lima
2012 bmw 130i 99km 13K USD facebookfacebook lima
2014 bmw 114i 14.7K USD facebook chiclayo
2014 bmw 114i 67km 15K USD facebook chiclayo

nr 2014 bmw 114i 63km 51.5K soles 11K USD facebook facebook facebook trujillo nr
nr 2014 bmw 114i 13.6K USD facebook facebook trujillo nr

Favorite Production Cars

Click to expand


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