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Battery Testers

For Non-Rechargeable Batteries

I have searched for an accurate battery tester for non-rechargeable batteries. Most battery testers do not apply sufficient load to accurately test a battery. So a non-rechargeable battery with 20% life remaining will still read as “good”.

For Rechargeable Batteries

There are some battery testers for rechargeable batteries that can measure the health of a battery, instead of the percentage of charge remaining. The energy capacity (Watt*Hours) is a health measurement, but knowing this requires a full discharge cycle. Some battery testers are capable of estimating battery health without a full discharge cycle? That would also be good.

One brand of battery tester capable of quickly estimating battery health is ZTS. One must be aware of its idiosyncrasies. Based on Amazon reviews of the ZTS models, it's tricky to seat the battery for consistent results, and batteries that have sat too long may need a workout for an accurate result. But that's not all:

There is enough variation in Lithium battery chemistry between manufacturers that the ZTS can wildly overestimate or underestimate remaining life of the cell. Unfortunately, there is not an easy to use alternative.

If you can learn how the ZTS results correlate with the particular brand of cell you are using, it can be very useful to you. To accept its determination at face value across different brands will mislead you.wasBlinded on

SilverFox in the same thread as above gives an excellent review of the ZTS models.


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