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Disclaimer: I'm running a vintage laptop model from 2006

Facebook is its own Operating System

You have the most nimble user interface, when everything runs natively, closer to machine language.

Instead, you are running an operating system on your computer, and on top of that operating system, you are running a web browser, and on top of that, you are running a very heavy website named Facebook. Your computer slows to a crawl. Loading multiple tabs takes longer and longer.

Try using, the mobile version of facebook.

It's less bling, less bloat. It renders more like a web page, rather than an operating system. Takes some getting used to, but once you memorize the steps, doing things in a different way, it's a lot quicker.

Andrew Herbert in the Pale Moon forum said: “ (with JS) or (without JS)”, where JS is JavaScript. Also, TheStar website said that messages can only be accessed via mbasic.

On the Pale Moon Browser, both sites render as mbasic, but on Chrome, is a different design.



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