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Surviving NYC traffic

Rule #0. Murphy's law. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Watch out for what you can't see. Look for potholes and traffic at all times. Look for ruts that your front wheel can get railroaded into (they can be hard to spot in low light).

Rule #1. Ride very far from car doors. That means not in the bike lane: maybe on the furthest white line of the bike lane. That leads to:

Rule #2. Don't let honking horns allow you to make less safe choices: command the space around you. It's your lane. The bike lane is for bicycles going 5mph, parked cars, and people looking to jay-walk. That leads to:

Rule #3. Stay away from the edge of the street. Shit happens there. Cars turn in front of you, and pedestrians step out by surprise, like pigeons walking without any obvious direction. The middle lanes are best. The speed limit imposed by Bill de Blasio for nyc is 25mph, if you can do 15mph, go ahead and take a lane. With traffic being so backed up most of the time, you'll be passing between the cars.

Rule #4. Be aware that, to the average driver, you don't exist, when you are on the passenger side of a car.

Rule #5. It's usually not worth drafting vehicles, because by the time you move into position, they'll be stopping at a red light. West side highway is one exception.

Rule #6. Pedestrians on their cell phones are the best. As long as they don't see you, they will walk predictably forward, and not do a dance for you.


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