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This site runs on Dokuwiki software. I've been using Dokuwiki to catalog some of what I'm learning. To the left is a menu with all the articles on this site. Clicking on a menu namespace will reveal the articles within.

Your feedback on any article is appreciated. My email address is “ /\/\ “
If you are interested in setting up your own Wiki, contact me and I can help you out for a beer.

How I came about using Dokuwiki

I chose Dokuwiki out of several different types of platforms. One objective was to have a peer to peer Wikipedia. That's an encyclopedia where there is no centralized control of the content, which is created by the users. Users vote on the content they like best, and depending on the model, also view the content they like best, perhaps based on their association with other users. Maybe it could work, but I didn't find much of a scene for a peer to peer encyclopedia.

The other objective was to be able to have a “journal of knowledge”, classifying by topic rather than a blog, which would classify by the age of the post. Blogs have tags, but it's not quite the same for me, as I often want to build on existing content. I settled on dokuwiki for it's simplicity. It doesn't use a database; it works off of plain text files.

I experimented with P2Pedia and Socialwiki (note: Most shared hosting isn't going to let you play with their Apache server, to set up Tomcat, which P2Pedia relies on). I wasn't even sure if P2Pedia and Socialwiki were meant to display content on the web: I think you have to be logged in to the platform to view the content.

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