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This site runs on Dokuwiki software. I've been using Dokuwiki to catalog some of what I'm learning. To the left is a menu with all the articles on this site. Clicking on a menu namespace will reveal the articles within.

Your feedback on any article is appreciated. My email address is “ /\/\ “
If you are interested in setting up your own Wiki, contact me and I can help you out for a beer.

Decentralized Encyclopedia

I chose Dokuwiki out of several different types of platforms. I settled on Dokuwiki for it's simplicity. It doesn't use a database; it works off of plain text files. A wiki is inherently different than a blog, which classifies by the age of the post. While a blog uses tags to organize content into categories, article entries are static. With a wiki, you can continue to improve an article over time.

One novel idea was to have a peer to peer Wikipedia. That's an encyclopedia where there is no centralized control of the content. I experimented with P2Pedia and Socialwiki. For any article, users upvote the content they like best, and depending on the algorithm, also view the content they like best, based on their upvotes and associations with other users. The algorithm is controlled by the user. They have a menu of favorite algorithms, allowing them to view topics written by different groups or contributors with differing opinions.

However, I didn't find much of a scene for a peer to peer encyclopedia. Adding to my critique of P2Pedia and Socialwiki, is the requirement to be logged in to view any content? (please check) Also, most shared hosting isn't going to let you play with their Apache server, to set up Tomcat, which P2Pedia relies on.

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