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Backpacking Lakes of the Clouds

Planning backpack trip in the area of Franconia Notch State Park, in the White Mountains. Here's the map

Weather Conditions

I am trying to find weather conditions, and I think this Mount Washington Observatory may be somewhat higher altitude:

Temperature change with elevation:

Not seeing a lot of snow, where we are going, based on doing a search for “New Hampshire” on this site the says it has relatively live satellite photos (Landsat Live):
Found site linked from

This site says that the weather station is NHFN1:
On the following map, you can turn on “Terrain” by hovering over “Map”:
There I see, that the first hut is about 1000 feet above the station, or 3.3 degrees F cooler.

I later learned that the following app, if you put in the longitude and latitude coordinates, gives you the weather forecast at that very location, including altitude. Pretty awesome.

Mosquito and Black Fly Weather

Mosquitoes won't be as bad as later in the summer, but I think they are out already in late May. They don't bite below 50 degrees, or so I read at one site.
Black Flies we should worry about, according to Whiteblaze and Farmers Almanac. I'm going to see if I have a head net, just in case.
I'll be using clothes I've treated with permethrin.

Post backpack report (May 28-29-30): Nothing bit us. Didn't see any mosquitoes or flies!


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